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Guadalinfo Center

What is a Guadalinfo Center?

GUADALINFO is a public network in Andalusia that includes more than 760 centers, co-financed by the Andalusian Regional Government and the eight Andalusian provincial councils, and managed by the Fernando de lo Ríos Consortium.

The mission of these centers is to empower people of all ages and profiles in digital skills, entrepreneurial competencies, technological and professional skills, and community awareness and cohesion, with special attention to preventing gender and social digital divides.

Their areas of action range from employability to digital literacy, promotion of innovative culture, citizen participation, improvement of quality of life, digitization, and electronic administration.

What can I do at a Guadalinfo Center?

  • Training in New Technologies.
  • Support for Innovators.
  • Development of projects.
  • Collaboration with associations and other groups.
  • Active job searching.
  • Digital Certificate.
  • Support for Procedures: appointments with administrations, medical appointments, obtaining documentation with a digital certificate, hunting and fishing licenses…

Where are we located?

You can find us at Calle Andalucía s/n (access next to the Adult Center).

For any inquiries related to this center or to schedule an appointment, you can send a WhatsApp to 673 884 578.

Upcoming Activities…

July 2024

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