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Calle Andalucía

The Calle Andalucía is a central pedestrian street in the town. At its center stands an elegant fountain surrounded by ceramic shields representing the eight Andalusian provinces. Next to it, four benches, also made of ceramics, display the coats of arms of the noble houses that own the town of Palos: The Duchy of Medina Sidonia, the County of Miranda del Castañar, the Duchy of Alba, and the County of Cifuentes. In front of the fountain, there is a large wrought-iron lamppost on a marble bench with three military decorations awarded to this town: In 1959, the Grand Cross of Naval Merit; in 1984, the Grand Cross of Aeronautical Merit, and in 1992, the Grand Cross of the Royal and Distinguished Order of Isabel the Catholic. Behind it, a municipal building with the street sign and two towers at the ends, where the carved stone arms of the Pinzón brothers on the left and the coat of arms of Palos de la Frontera on the right are displayed.
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