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Castillo de Palos

Small late medieval fortress overlooking the bay of Palos de la Frontera. Dating back to the 15th century, a period of economic prosperity due to the trade in the port of the town, whose lordship was held by the Zúñiga family, Counts of Miranda, and the Silva family, Counts of Cifuentes. The castle has approximate dimensions of 28 x 23 m, with towers at the corners. The access, now disappeared, must have been located on the eastern curtain wall. There may have been a barbican parallel to one of the outer curtains, completely lost today due to the collapse of the hill.

The inner enclosure is developed around a courtyard, around which the different rooms would be arranged. The last archaeological excavation campaign has revealed a dungeon or prison in the southeast corner of the courtyard of arms, as well as flanking drums that have been recently documented archaeologically. The documented construction remains correspond to a regular bond of horizontal rows of bricks with a fine coating of mortar made of sand and lime.

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