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Discovery Bullring

The Plaza de Toros del Descubrimiento was inaugurated on April 19, 2008, with a lineup featuring bullfighters Julián López El Juli, Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, and local bullfighter José Doblado. It is a modern bullring with a capacity for 3,500 people, featuring spacious stands that facilitate access and comfort in seating and transit.

Despite its short history, several of the most prominent bullfighters of the moment have already graced its arena. Among them are Manuel Jesús El Cid, Alejandro Talavante, Finito de Córdoba, David Fandila El Fandi, Julio Aparicio, Jesulín de Ubrique, Juan José Padilla, Curro Díaz, Salvador Vega, and Francisco Rivera Ordoñez Paquirri, among others. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the Plaza de Toros de Palos de la Frontera was the venue where the Madrid-born bullfighter José Pedro Prados El Fundi concluded his extensive and recognized career in October 2012.

Traditionally, there are two bullfighting events in its calendar. On one hand, at the end of April, the celebration of San Jorge Mártir, the Patron Saint of the town. On the other hand, in October, the so-called “corrida de toros pinzoniana,” an event that fully respects the essence of any other bullfight but adds the adornment of the bullring and the attire of the bullfighters and participants, reminiscent of the residents and sailors of Palos de la Frontera in the late 15th century. It is a bullfighting event that pays homage to those men who more than 500 years ago set sail from this beautiful town in Huelva to discover America, the New World.

In the same premises as the “Coso del Descubrimiento” is the headquarters of the Cultural Bullfighting Club José Doblado, dedicated to the local bullfighter around whom the passion and bullfighting activity in the city have grown in the last decade. It is an organization that promotes an interesting program of cultural events, enlivening the winters in Palos and keeping the conversation about bullfighting alive throughout the year.

Click HERE to see the location and contact details of the Plaza de Toros del Descubrimiento.

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