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Mazagón Lighthouse

The lighthouse construction began in 1861. It is located in Mazagón, on El Picacho Point, from which it takes its second name, 600 meters from the sea and 30 meters above sea level. The ensemble consists of a 20-meter-high tower attached to a rectangular dwelling. It is made of whitewashed ashlar with brick bands at its corners. The height of the focal point above sea level is more than 50 meters. It was lit in 1901, and after various reforms in 1925 and 1930, it was equipped with incandescent lighting, allowing it to reach 30 nautical miles. In 1949, it was electrified, reaching 42 nautical miles. In front of the Mazagón lighthouse is the new lighthouse built in 1981 based on a project by Juan Gonzalo. It is located on the headland of the entrance dike to the port of Huelva, on a 26-meter-high concrete tower. It has a cylindrical shape and is illuminated with solar energy supplied by photovoltaic panels. Both mark the entrance to the port of Huelva.
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