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Employment Aid

Companies, regardless of their legal form, included in the General Social Security System, non-profit entities, and self-employed individuals, who make new hirings of unemployed individuals from our municipality or students who have obtained the qualification of APPROVED in municipal employment training courses, up to 35 years old, inclusive, will be eligible for these grants.

The initial hiring of unemployed individuals on a full-time basis will be subsidized with the amount of €500 per hired worker with this schedule.

The aforementioned amount will be increased to €600 per month if the hired person has a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

When hiring is done on a part-time basis, with a minimum duration of 20 hours per week, the amount of the grant will be prorated proportionally.

The maximum period eligible for these grants will be 3 years.

The same beneficiary, for several hirings, cannot obtain grants that, in total, exceed the economic amount of €24,000 annually.

You can download the application from the following link. Once completed, you should go to the offices of the Center for Business Initiatives (CIE) located at Camino de la Cocola s/n (San Jorge Industrial Estate). Along with the application, you must provide, in each case, when applicable:


  • Photocopy of the ID / NIF of the Applicant or Legal Representative
  • Certificate of being up to date with Social Security
  • Certificate of being up to date with the state Tax Office
  • Certificate of being up to date with the regional Tax Office
  • Registration with Social Security
  • Registration with the Tax Office
  • Bank Certificate of Account Number and IBAN
  • TC1 and TC2 for the last 12 months
  • Updated Work History of the company
  • Contract(s) of the worker(s)
  • Registration with Social Security of the worker(s)


  • Photocopy of the ID
  • Certificate of Registration with a date of seniority
  • Job Seeker Card
  • Updated Work History of the worker
  • Document proving a disability of 33% or more (in the case of a worker with a disability)
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