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Erasmus Voucher

These grants will be awarded to young people from our locality aged between 18 and 35, inclusive, participating in Foreign Study Grant Programs (Erasmus Grant and other International Mobility Grants), pursuing university and higher-level vocational studies.

Applicants must be registered in our municipality as of the date of application, with a minimum cumulative residency of 5 years.

The amount of these grants is €400 per month for the duration of the program they are enrolled in. It is worth noting that the total amount of these grants will be paid in advance to the beneficiaries

Once completed, you must go to the

 located in Plaza de España.

Along with the application, you must provide:

  • Photocopy of ID
  • Document issued by the corresponding institution of the student for scholarships for studies abroad.
  • Certificate of stay in the destination country
  • Certificate of residence
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