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Vaccine Voucher

This line of assistance consists of a 50% discount on the price of recommended vaccines to complete the vaccination schedule. Currently, these vaccines include rotavirus and antimeningococcal B, in all their doses.

They can be requested by parents living in the locality, of Spanish nationality or foreigners with legal residence in Spain, who have been registered for at least five years and living in Palos de la Frontera for the last year. The newborn or adopted child must reside with the parent or legal guardian applying for the aid.

Indirectly, local businesses are also mentioned as beneficiaries of this program, as the vaccines must be purchased from local businesses to be eligible for the discount.

You can download the application form at the following link.

Once the application is completed, you must go to the Citizen Service offices.

Along with the application, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of ID/NIE.
  • Photocopy of the Family Book or Adoption Resolution.
  • Invoice for the purchased vaccine(s) from a local store.
  • Child’s vaccination certificate (health record).
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