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The headquarters of Santa María de La Rábida has its historical antecedents in the Hispano-American University of La Rábida, founded in 1943, createdas an international scientific forum with a focusmainly on Americanist studies and research. In1978, the Hispano-American University was transferred to the University of Seville,directly depending on its Rectorate. In this situation, it remaineduntil its integration as a permanent headquarters at the International University ofAndalusia (UNIA). The La Rábida headquarters is located in a very special place, and throughout its history, prominent figures in the sciences, arts, letters, politics, etc., have passed through its classrooms. Without aiming to be exhaustive, we can mention:Daniel Vázquez Díaz, Mario Benedetti, Juan Velarde, José Saramago, or EsperanzaBrito, members of an endless list, impossible to reproduce here in its entirety. In 1997, UNIA formalized the constitution of the Group of Ibero-American Universities La Rábida, as a non-profit entity aimed atfavoring the integration and development of Ibero-American peoples and expandingthe bases of academic, scientific, technological, and cultural cooperation betweenthose universities. In this context, presiding over and already bringing together more than80 universities on the other side of the Atlantic, the bonds of solidarity and support for the improvement of the Ibero-American university structure have been nurtured. At the same time, this headquarters has become a preferred destination for students from the other side of the Atlantic seeking to improvetheir curriculum, preferably in postgraduate studies. For all these reasons, the headquarters of Santa María de La Rábida inherits a trajectory that has left a deep mark: what has come to be called “The Spirit of LaRábida.” A spirit that shapes its unique soul, imbued, among others, withthe values of excellence, creative encounter, and solidarity.
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